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Heart-Shaped Corner Bookmarks

Hey there!!

My first post is gonna be about this adorable looking Corner Bookmark!


Actually, I got the heart pattern from here: http://fizule71.blogspot.ae/2013/02/je-libo-valentynske-srdicko.html

And I could pretty much figure out the instructions once Google translated it to English..

Here we go:

Step 1: Make 31 chain stitches and do a slip stitch on the first  chain, making a ring. ( I thought the magic circle would also work, but I was wrong.. the arcs don’t turn out just as nicely.. )

Step 2: Now we work through each stitch of the ring. Basically a chain stitch has 3 different strands. (When we do stitches through it, we have to make sure we grab at least two of the strands.)

Okay so make 3 chain stitches (right after joining with the slip stitch), this is equal to one Double Crochet (DC).Then in the same stitch, make 2 DC’s. That will make it 3 stitches in the same chain stitch. This is actually makes up the right half of the tip of the heart.

Step 3: Make 1 DC each in the next 6 chain stitches. This is the right side of the “V” portion of the heart.

Step 4: Make 2 DC’s each in the next 6 chain stitches, which gives us a total of 12 DC’s. This makes up the right curve of the heart.

Step 5: In the next chain stitch, make 5 Partial  DC’s

And this is how its done:  Wrap the yarn around the needle, insert it into the chain stitch, grab the yarn with the hook and pull through. You’ll have 3 loops on the needle. Now, wrap the yarn over and pull through the first 2 loops, and you’ll end up with 2 loops on the needle. So far, it’s just like a double crochet yes? Well after this is where it becomes a partial; instead of wrapping the yarn over and pulling through the remaining 2 loops, just leave it as it is.

Repeat this 4 more times into the SAME CHAIN-STITCH. After that you’ll end up with 6 loops on the needle, just wrap your yarn over pull through.Make a chain stitch. It gives a sort of  squashed look- which is the pinch portion of the heart.

[Note: you can make seven partial DC’s too and you’ll end up with a more nice deep pinch heart]

After this step of the heart we pretty much have to copy whatever we did till step 5 but in reverse (It’s the mirror image..)

Step 6:   Make 2 DC’s each in the next 6 chain stitches, which gives us a total of 12 DC’s. This makes up the left curve of the heart.

Step 7: Make a DC each in the next 6 chain stitches. This is the left side of the “V” portion of the heart.

Step 8: In the last remaining stitch, make 3 DC’s. Then make a chain stitch and join it (with a slip stitch) to the top loop of the 3 chain stitches we made at the beginning (remember the one which we made to pose as a DC?)

These are the steps to the basic heart, which are pretty as they are. You can just snip off your yarn here and weave in the ends and you’ll end up with this!

Untitled-1    BUT!!!  (there’s always a but!! :D)

If you’re in the mood for some extra fancy look, you can proceed with the below step without snipping the yarn off.

Step 9: Make 3 chain stitches, skip the first DC and insert into the top of the next DC and make a Single Crochet (SC). Continue this throughout and when you reach the beginning, just slip stitch into the top stitch of the 3 chain stitch.

Snip off your yarn and weave in the ends and VOILA!! You’re done!

The completed heart

But then these were just two cute looking hearts… For no  reason at all I made two of them.. And then in an eureka  moment I just sewed them up at its “V” portion and got a cute little corner bookmark!

Hope you found this post useful! Let me know in the comments.

Also if you want me to make any crochet or knitting patterns and explain, just let me know in the comments below and I guarantee I’ll follow it up!

Guys, I have a confession to make.. As a “technologically” handicapped person I had a hard time dealing with Photoshop.. I made the stupid (not to mention rookie) mistake of not clicking  proper pictures and I fooled myself into thinking I could just touch it up in Photoshop, “Oh, it will be oh-so-easy,”

But then, by the time I was done with one pic I broke into sweats and got panic attacks (Okay, I’m just exaggerating now..)

Anyway, please bear with me for the pictures.. I’ll put up better ones next time!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave your comments!