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Quick-fixes! Sewing a Needle-Book

You know one of those days, where after finishing a big project (which was long over due, anyway) and you feel like you don’t want to touch your sewing machine or knitting needles for some time? Yeah that was yesterday for me..

I finally completed a diaper bag made solely from my head, no pattern nothing.. I am pretty proud, but it did take a long time to finish.. (About 3 weeks)

And I gave a sigh of relief yesterday, thinking I don’t have to touch my sewing machine again for the next couple of days..

But towards the evening I felt withdrawal (Lol, anyone else ever feel withdrawal when they’re away from their machine or needles?) and I had to sew something up.. Something small, instantly gratifying and not so laborious.. a quick fix!

While I was going through pinterest, to see what I could sew.. My eyes fell on the vast array of used sewing machine needles on my pincushion, which would be good for another project.. And eureka, I knew what I needed to sew!

A needle-book to keep all my different sized needles in place with proper identification so I could use it the next time..

I instantly gathered some scraps, sketched out a design, scratched it out and redesigned it until I was happy, cut out the scraps and sewed it up in 15 minutes!

Tada, instant gratification 😀
                                                                                                                                    Needle Book
I used three layers- one was the outer layer, the middle could be fleece (or felt or normal cotton scrap) and the inner layer  was divided according to the fabric the needles are used on.. For eg: denim, light weight fabric, heavy weight fabric and medium weight fabric.

I sewed them together, bound it with bias tape, gave it a closure with hook and eye.

My cute little needle book was ready and here it is! Hope this inspires you to make your own sewing machine needle organiser 🙂

PS: Though it could be done with 2 layers, giving it a middle layer ensures the needles don’t come poking out and prick your finger!

Ciao! Hope you enjoyed this poet, do feel free to leave your comments 🙂


The Baking Frenzy!

Once in a while I get into this Baking Frenzy, where I just look at oodles and oodles of recipes and end up drooling at the pictures than making them. I loove baking, but I never get around to doing it!

So yesterday I saw a couple of strawberries lying around, I felt sorry for them because no one was having them. I decided to put them to good use and make muffins. Then my eyes fell on a packet of chocolate chip cookies which I had bought a long time ago.

Now came a moral dilemma: Strawberry or chocolate chips?

I just couldn’t give up one for the other, and hence the search for Strawberry and chocolate chip muffins was on. Finally I settled on one recipe, and judging by the way my muffins turned out.. I declare thee, “Averie’s Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins” the Lord of all Muffins! (Of Course, thats just my opinion).

Here are my Lovelies:


As you can see, there are a couple unaccounted for.. ahem.

So after that frenzy was over, and all my unwashed baking dishes were piled sky-high, I wanted to do something more. And though its the wrong order (Mitts before the muffins, not the other way around) I looked up a few DIY Oven mitts, and I liked Professor Pincushions tutorial. I wanted to try the traditional Oven Mitt and after half an hour, Tada! For some odd reason I was so proud of it.. I guess it looked so good and professional.. not something I as an amateur Sewer would do.. And besides, it was my first time! Woo-Hoo!

Professor Pincushions Oven Mitt Tutorial:

All her videos are worth checking out 🙂

Here are my Mitts:



(I’m gonna let you in on a secret here. I didn’t have the insulation materials.. So I used up my husbands old blankets and layered them up between the cotton fabric.. I dont think he’s gonna notice anytime soon.. Unless of course he reads this. :/ )

Maybe the colour doesn’t go too well with each other.. But I was so in the zone I just wanted to try it out right away, all thoughts of colour coordiantion and designs were out the window.

All said and done, Im so very pleased and cant wait to use it the next time I bake something.. Which knowing me.. Could be a a few days. Or Months. Or Years.. Ahem, there’s no telling. 😛

As always, I’d b pleased to hear your thoughts and comments.. and any ideas to improve on what I did are also welcome!

Till the next time,



New Adventures!

Well, hello there!

Its been a long time since I came to this little virtual corner of mine..

I’ve gotten a little busy, and well as they say, Life tends to get in between and poke its ugly little head!

Anyway, being back here typing up a post seems so weird and it seems like I have to re-learn the basics of WordPress again!!! UGGGGGH :/

And there seems to be quite a few changes in the layout of WordPress as well.. Hmmm

Anyhoo, I wasn’t completely useless the whole time I was away.. I like to be creatively busy as much as I can, and one little venture I undertook was to go for Sewing lessons!

Its kept me pretty busy.. and Im thankful for it.. I was never much of a sewing person anyway, but I did know the basics and I could mend tattered clothes.

The lessons were for Dress-making.. The Indian Salwar Kameez and The Saree Blouse..

Now, I can proudly shout out to the world that I can sew my own dresses yaay!! (As long as its for casual wear, if its for a friends wedding -THE HELL ITS GOING TO A PROFESSIONAL TOP NOTCH TAILOR! :P)

The whole adventure was for 2 months, and I must say I was a pretty fast learner, and hence the entire learning process was glitch-free..

Before I babble on and on about the different dress making aspects and things.. Lets get down to one of the most important thing we need while cutting out a pattern and that I was so stupid enough to not know this before, and how Im a couple of Salwar Kurtis late!

Its a Pattern-Weight or a Dress-making Weight!

It was totally out of the blue.. I was going through the things needed to make the cutting process easier.. and believe me, the cutting process is the most creatively stimulating part of the Dress-making routine.. Sewing is a no-brainer as long as you get the cuts and nips right!

And there was my bag of Gold, as point number one! DRESSMAKING WEIGHTS! No more pins, no more plates and bowls lying around being used as weights.. No more using my knee and doing Weird Gymnastic postures.. Errm, that was a bit painful..

So, I first tried out this Pattern Weight, which I fell in love with because of her choice in fabric and Pattern, my my the Chevron! Oooh lala


Heres the link to this beauutiful and nifty little thing: Pattern Weights


(Her blog is worth checking out! 🙂 )

Then I did mine, and it wasnt as good-looking as hers because probably the fabric I used was too thin.. Its evident that I was so eager to try it out, that I didnt think this whole thing through! Anyway, I wanted more ideas, so I googled a variety of names.. (I didnt know it was called Pattern Weights)

Then I found this, and it seemed like an even more simpler idea (filling it up with rice! I didnt know rice could be heavy)


And heres the link: Triangular Pattern Weight

I tried both of them! For the triangular one, I didnt want to repeat the same mistake as the previous one, So I used two pieces of fabric and made it thick enough.. Also as an added touch I sewed a bit of Ribbon like a hoop to hold it easily.. ( ahem, no doubt “inspired” by this!)



Here’s mine! (I admit they are very crude versions.. and the Triangular one is hand stitched, in my effort to try it out right away I didnt even have the patience to use the sewing machine 😛 .. I get like this sometimes! )
My favourite is the Triangular one as it seems like its a bit easier to handle than the Pillow type one! But the BB’s are heavier..

.                 10522373_10152625803036062_1308559831505026835_o10329874_10152625801866062_8818267535619694094_o


So all you Sew- ers out there, this is a must have tool and have atleast a pair of them to make your cutting tasks easier (even if life isnt sometimes!)



Till the next post!