About My Corner

I’ve always been told, “You have a flair for teaching and making people understand.”  Its been my passion to make people understand a concept I’m trying to put across .. Even if I may have just started learning it myself!

But all that said, I never wanted to become a teacher.. It’s too much of a responsibility..

Well  I’m completely devoid of those (responsibility as well as focus).. [ you can ask any of my unfinished or some even totally abandoned projects that.. they’ll testify to it..]

And since I seem to think (ahem) I have a penchant for Crochet, Knitting and anything remotely craftsy.. which when coupled with the fact that I  think I can put two words together (not too shabbily, I might  venture to add)..

I turned to another option.. which was BLOGGING!! And I’m still trying to get my bearings together without getting distracted by all the “<p style=”text-align: left;”> ” thingies.. (I have no clue what they mean!)..

So this Blog is gonna be about the random Crochet, Knitting, Origami, Fabric etc. projects I’ve done or gonna do along with their instructions in the most simplest and clearest way possible..  If I find something is simple enough I’ll just post the link! (I mean, if I find it a no brainer.. well then, its gotta be simple right?)

I also can’t seem to stop myself when I get my hands on a keyboard! I get carried away and just keep tapping the most random things.. (I personally love the tap-tap -tappitty-tap sound.. Hmmmm, maybe that is one of the reasons.. )

Please feel free to drop by all your comments and suggestions!! I’m a relatively new blogger, and any criticism is welcome as long as it helps me better the blog!

A DISCLAIMER: I, Rocky, swear that by no means am I a  Professional Knitter/Crocheter(is that even a word?!)/ Crafter.. also the designs I put up here are none of my own!! They’re mostly googled .. and well there’s still time for the “gotta do my own thing”.. ( I mean, yes I do dream of the day I fill up my home with my crafty creations.. but right now it doesn’t even fill up the corner of my bookshelf!!

 Hope you enjoy the blog!!


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