Quick-fixes! Sewing a Needle-Book

You know one of those days, where after finishing a big project (which was long over due, anyway) and you feel like you don’t want to touch your sewing machine or knitting needles for some time? Yeah that was yesterday for me..

I finally completed a diaper bag made solely from my head, no pattern nothing.. I am pretty proud, but it did take a long time to finish.. (About 3 weeks)

And I gave a sigh of relief yesterday, thinking I don’t have to touch my sewing machine again for the next couple of days..

But towards the evening I felt withdrawal (Lol, anyone else ever feel withdrawal when they’re away from their machine or needles?) and I had to sew something up.. Something small, instantly gratifying and not so laborious.. a quick fix!

While I was going through pinterest, to see what I could sew.. My eyes fell on the vast array of used sewing machine needles on my pincushion, which would be good for another project.. And eureka, I knew what I needed to sew!

A needle-book to keep all my different sized needles in place with proper identification so I could use it the next time..

I instantly gathered some scraps, sketched out a design, scratched it out and redesigned it until I was happy, cut out the scraps and sewed it up in 15 minutes!

Tada, instant gratification 😀
                                                                                                                                    Needle Book
I used three layers- one was the outer layer, the middle could be fleece (or felt or normal cotton scrap) and the inner layer  was divided according to the fabric the needles are used on.. For eg: denim, light weight fabric, heavy weight fabric and medium weight fabric.

I sewed them together, bound it with bias tape, gave it a closure with hook and eye.

My cute little needle book was ready and here it is! Hope this inspires you to make your own sewing machine needle organiser 🙂

PS: Though it could be done with 2 layers, giving it a middle layer ensures the needles don’t come poking out and prick your finger!

Ciao! Hope you enjoyed this poet, do feel free to leave your comments 🙂


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