All Aboard The Baby Train!

After I discovered I was pregnant (With baby number 1!) last February, I could barely lift up my head from the pillow to even eat properly, let alone Blog.

Its month 6 now, and finally I’m not a walking zombie anymore and I can once again sew, crochet and knit in peace. With a fetish I’ve been knitting up baby stuff and almost filled up a box  with hats, mittens, socks and a pillow! 😀

I need to finish everything to my hearts content before the baby arrives, because as I’ve heard a million times by now.. Bye Bye sleep and hello long nights!



So here are the pictures of some of the stuff I’ve completed along with instructions, I’ve found online.


The Mitten: Mini Motif Mittens  (I chose the Butterfly Motif)

The cap: Baby Hat ( I added the Pom-pom.. Not included in the Pattern)




The Aviatrix Hat:  Aviatrix Hat  (The Pattern was free, it no longer seems to be free! 😦 So Sorry folks)



Booties: No Button Baby Booties


Pillow: Good Night Moon


Mittens: 2 Needle Mittens


Green Booties: Baby Uggs

Patterned Booties:  2 Needle Socks (The link for that site seems to be broken.. I have uploaded a pdf I created)

Im currently working on a double colour swaddle blanket (keeping it gender neutral as we don’t wanna know if the babys a boy or girl 🙂 ).. And i just cant find the energy  in me to finish it.. Sigh.. Someday before October hopefully!

Also I’ve got the fever for sewing up bags, and Im planning up a Diaper Bag for the little one.. Since I couldn’t find the exact pattern Im looking for online.. I drew a few rough sketches, drawing inspiration from many tutorials and pictures..  I’ll share it here once I get going on that.. 🙂 Thats all for now!


Please do share with me other useful baby stuff I could knit, sew or crochet!




A Penny For Your Thoughts :)

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