Make your own Needle Point Protectors or Stoppers!

We just shifted to our own place and its been real time-consuming and energy-draining just getting the place set up. If I could knit up a bed, I’d do it in a jiffy.. But since I cant, we just have to stick to sleeping on the floor. Oh and crafting some more possible things.

I didnt have time to get back to blogging and crafting till a few days back. The first order of things was to get a head start on a knitted table runner for the coffee table. And frankly working with it has not been a piece of cake.. Because I noticed that whenever I had to run to the kitchen to attend to something I had left on the stove/oven/sink(with the water running).. which I shouldnt have left unattended in the first place, ahem.. My stitches just magically fall off the needle and I have a hard time getting them back in order.

I googled the solution for this, as usual and found out there was something called Point Protectors. I didnt know they existed till then.

Then I looked for ways I could make them myself instead of spending on it (Domestic life, Chapter 1: Budgeting :/).

1.There were a lot of Ideas like the one with the fabric/leather with an elastic strap.


It looked great and though I wanted to try it, I was just far too lazy. I wanted something with Instant Gratification. (Bad trait, I admit)

2.There was this other one made with Sugru (Self-setting Rubber)


The Instructions are here, if youre interested:

I didnt think I could find Sugru anywhere. (Translation: I was too lazy to go hunting for it :P)

3.Then  there was the amazing cork idea.


It was so simple and all my troubles would be over. Except… I had no access to corks, I didnt drink neither did I know anyone who drinks and would happen to have a few dozen corks lying around.. So that idea was out as well.

Anyway I just let it rest and the idea seemed to go away, I was destined to keep losing my stitches and spending an hour gettting it back in order by which time I got fed up of knitting it and stowed it away for another day.

A few days later, out of the blue I had this Idea I could, you know crochet one. But there was the obvious problem of large spaces and the needle jutting out of them (which defeats the whole purpose). Then it hit me I could make the stitches really tight and so there would be no spaces and it would hold its shape as well.

One problem down one more to go.

There was the matter of the Stoppers itself not slipping off the needle. It had to stay on the needle and not fall off with the slightest touch.

I thought of adding an elastic, and since I didnt have an elastic band, what better way to substitute it than with a rubber band. 😀

The first mistake I did was crocheting it top down! I had no way to attach the rubber band to it except cut it then thread it through. Let me tell you, it did not look at all appealing and I was horrified. But since I was at a block and couldnt think of anymore ideas, I used it as it was.

Until today morning. I had an eureka moment and thought, “Why not crochet around the rubber band (which will disguise it) and start from bottom up?”

It worked out wonderfully fine! It took me just 15 mins max and a new stash buster idea was born!

Heres a pic of the finished stopper.

20141007160645 20141007150010


  • Rubber bands


Any size is fine..

  • Crochet hook- small size ( compared to the yarn anyway, like a lace hook or slightly bigger)

lace hook

  • Yarn (bigger size than the lace yarn)


Step 1: If its a small rubber band just wrap it around your finger twice (or atleast till its really tight). Since I used the big one, I wrapped it around my finger multiple times.


Step 2: Gently slip it off your finger, treat it like a magic circle. Slip the yarn into the centre of the ring and make a slip knot. Start crocheting around the rubber band, like you would around a magic circle.


Step 3: Continue crocheting around tightly. You can go by rounds or just crochet around continuously in a spiral. After you’ve reached a certain height (place your needle in and check) decrease for one round (skip alternate stitches and crochet= decrease). Do a few more rounds and decrease periodically or continue without decreasing. It really doesnt matter, you can shape it however you want.


Step 4: After you’ve reached the desire height (place in your needles and keep checking for a snug fit) decrease till only 2 stitches are left and bind off.

You can go ahead and make 2 separate ones for both the needles or if you’re like me (Suuuper Lazy :D), just make one for both the needles!

Here is my needle with the work. In case youre wondering what Im working on.. Its a entrelac table runner. I adapted it from a Scarf pattern. 🙂 As you can see, its far from complete… Hopefully it’ll be over soon!


You know, now that I think about it.. My Needle stopper kinda looks like the one from clovers, the shape and all.. Oh and the colour! What a coincidence 😀

Point Protectors     20141007150010

And as always appreciate your comments and thoughts, do drop in if there are any queries.


Until next time.


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