Its a’Ringing!

The other day, I was going through Pinterest.. to browse through some crochet and knitting stuff.. Little was I aware that my mom was behind me.. suddenly out of nowhere my mom says, “That’s so pretty, why cant you ever make things like that!”

I turn around, with my jaw hanging open.. Oh my god who are you and what did you do with my crochet-hating, knitting-despising, wool-disliking mom?

In the past all my attempts to make my mom use the little trinkets I’ve made in crochet for her, have gone in vain!! VAIN I TELL YOU!!

(its partly due to the fact that, her expertise is beads.. She can make absolutely anything with beads.. Shes a wiz.. and though I can whip up a thing or two with beads, Im not a bead person -__-  Well, as they say to each their own!)

And then she sees this:


And goes all awwwww..

Anyway atleast this was a breakthrough.. my mom was finally asking me to crochet something for her!


This project was a no-brainer so I finished it in about 20 minutes! The pattern is from here:

The only thing we need to do is make sure the smallest hook is used, so that the stitches are tight and the shape is maintained.

So here it is,

20131210_223114 20131210_223252


My mom is planning to use it as a hanging trinket on her bag. (But so far its hanging on a nail on the wall. Story of my life :/)


But we just made a slight modification.. She didn’t like the idea of a little jingle hanging from the bell. So we made our own instead with- what else- beads!

If you want the instructions for the bead ball lemme know! I’ll write it out.

Heres the bead in close-up:

20131212_130909 20131212_130902


Hope you liked this idea! If you do try it out, I would love to know!













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