The Braid Complex

Hey y’all!!


I’M SO LOOOOOVING CHARTS!!! I didn’t know charts could be so eaaaaasy and practical..

A couple a days back.. I was so bored I wanted to do some really challenging knitting..

And so I came across this really complicated set of braids.. its such a beautiful intricate pattern.. many of us must’ve come across it..

Its called a saxon braid or the celtic braid! It looks something like this:

20131208_143712 (1)

Yes, I did this myself!!! AND IM SO PROUD OF IT!!

Well this pattern is not at all that hard once you start it.. It just looks complicated and doing it from the chart is the best thing!


Here is the pattern taken from this website:


THe chart

(click on the pic, it will show a bigger image)

Just follow the chart  and you won’t go wrong!!

Somewhere I read the saxon braid looks perfect on a reverse stockinette.. but I went ahead and ignored it and did it on front stockinette..

It looked so bleh.. so I did it in reverse stockinette again and it turned out so beautiful!

So please try it out and let me know how it went!




P.S: Because of no written instructions the post seems so small!! Another huge perk of charts- space saving!!! 😀







A Penny For Your Thoughts :)

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