The Mysterious Afghan Treble Crochet – Part 2

Hey y’all!!

This the continuation of yesterdays post! Lets jump in right away..

We stopped till the 2nd circle..

Lets begin from the third circle.

Step 3: 3rd circle of flowers

Well the third circle is pretty much simple if you understood till the previous step. (Im doing it with a different colour here)

Make 4 chain stitches

F. –then YO twice and insert into the slipstitch (shown in pic) you made previously.

-YO, draw up a loop. You’ll have 4 loops on the hook.

-YO pull through the first 2 loops, 3 loops remain on the hook

-YO again pull through 2 loops again, and you’ll have loops remaining on the hook, leave it as it is

Pic 1

Repeat it “F” again, it’ll look like the below picture.

Pic 2

G. Now YO and pull through all the 3 loops. You’ll get a petal.

We have to go through the same procedure to get 3 petals on the same stitch.  (shown below)

Pic 3

But on the adjacent tip, as shown in the above pic, instead of making 3 petals in one stitch, we make 2 petals.  After that we make a set of 2 petals again in the next one.

In the next one, we make a 3 petal set again.

Shown below:

Pic 4 actual

And this how it should repeat.

3 petals- 2 petals- 2 petals- 3 petals again

Finally when you come a whole round just slip stitch into the adjacent petal.

You’re third circle is done!!

If you look at your work now, you’ll see that there are 4 sets of 3 petals (shown below)

pic 5

These actually make the “corners”, if you want to finish off here.

Step 4: 4th circle (optional)

But if you want to make it bigger then all we do is, start the fourth circle from the slipstitch made at the 3rd circle.

After doing 2 petals, when you come to the points shown (with an arrow in the pic below) which is actually the centre petal of the 3 petal set- do a 4 PETAL set.

pic 6

So the repeat will be 4 petals-2 petals- 2 petals- 2 petals- 4 petals again

But I didn’t want it any bigger so I just finished of in the 3rd.

Now you’re bed of roses (or jasmine! :P)  is ready!!

All that’s left is the edging.

Step 5: Edging

 Join in a new color of  yarn anywhere except the “corner” and SC around (depending on the size of the yarn, you have to decide how many SC’s to make, I just did 2).

Pic 7

To make the corner  more clear:

In the pic below, can you see the gap (marked by the circles)??

That is because I didn’t SC into the corners and just made 2 chain stitches as mentioned in the above pic.. this is what gives a nice Square edge.

Ta Dah!

After completing one row of SC, do another one and another if you wish. Always making a chain stitch at the place of a chain stitch in the corners. ( you may have to increase it from 2 Chains if you make it bigger.. Just see how many works for you.)

Phew!! That was one long pattern tutorial.. but when you do it, its actually so worth it!!

It looks so pretty!! They may be used singly as a coaster or joined with many more pieces like it to create a beautiful throw.

Hope you enjoyed it!! Please let me know in the comments!

And fire away if you have any doubts 🙂




4 thoughts on “The Mysterious Afghan Treble Crochet – Part 2

  1. I want to thank you oh soooo much for the pattern because I was going to do the same as what you did—stare at the picture and then try and figure it out—–THANK YOU OH SO MUCH!!!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I know I haven’t been posting recently… where does the time go? Anyway I’ll try to be more regular.. Thank you for your kind comments 🙂

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